How to Protect Your Home During Roof Replacement?

How to Protect Your Home During Roof Replacement?

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Before beginning the roof replacement process, thorough job-site preparation is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. Both the roofing contractor and the client play crucial roles in preparing the site for work, minimizing delays, ensuring safety, and protecting belongings from potential damage caused by debris.

The removal of the old roof and installation of the new one can generate a significant amount of debris, underlining the importance of proper preparation measures. Since roofing is an inherently messy process, being adequately prepared is key to managing the process effectively. To understand how to protect your home before commencing roofing, keep reading.

Clearing Patio and Deck Furniture:

Removing furniture from the patio and deck is a necessary step to protect them from debris during the roof replacement process. By clearing these outdoor spaces, the furniture is safeguarded from potential damage caused by falling materials. In cases where moving furniture is not feasible, covering the items becomes imperative to provide an additional layer of protection. This helps prevent debris from accumulating on the furniture and minimizes the risk of damage. 

Some roofing contractors may offer assistance with this process, including moving and covering furniture as needed. Additionally, they may take responsibility for replacing the furniture to its original position once the roofing work is complete. 

Securing Plants and Landscape Decorations:

Protecting plants and landscape decorations near the building is essential during the roof replacement process. Debris falling from the attic can potentially damage plants and other outdoor features, making it necessary to take precautionary measures.

Covering plants and surrounding items, such as decorative lights, helps safeguard them from debris and minimizes the risk of damage. Additionally, covering pools near the building ensures they remain unaffected by falling materials. These protective measures not only preserve the integrity of outdoor features but also facilitate an easy cleaning process after the roof replacement is complete.

Repositioning Vehicles:

Moving vehicles parked in the surrounding space is crucial during the roof replacement process. This precautionary step helps protect vehicles from potential scratches and damage caused by falling debris. Additionally, it’s important for roofing contractors to park their vehicles safely to avoid any disruption to the landscaping. By parking vehicles in designated areas away from landscaping features, such as flower beds or shrubs, contractors can minimize the risk of damage to the property.

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Taking Down Wall Hangings:

Removing wall hangings is recommended during the roof replacement process due to potential vibrations. These vibrations may displace items on the walls, causing them to fall. Thus, it is safer to remove all wall hangings to prevent damage and ensure safety during the roofing project.


These are the major precautionary measures to be taken to protect your home during roof replacement. Extra care should be taken with skylights to avoid any impact. It’s recommended to temporarily stay elsewhere during roof replacement if the noise would be inconvenient.

At Good Guys Roofing, we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading roofing contractors in Defiance, Ohio. We prioritize clear communication with homeowners throughout the entire process. Ensuring the protection of your belongings before roof replacement is important to us. We don’t rely on subcontractors; our highly trained and experienced crew ensures quality workmanship. Additionally, we complete most roofing replacements within a single day.

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