Residential Roof Repair in
Defiance, OH

At Good Guys Roofing LLC, we are licensed and experienced roofers in Defiance, Ohio. We conduct free, comprehensive inspections to identify issues and provide complimentary quotes. Our focus is on delivering long-lasting results. Our roof repair services ensure that roofs are easy to maintain. If you are looking for outstanding residential roof repair services in Defiance, OH, please contact us at (419)-439-3430.

Expert Solutions for Leaky Roofs and Damaged Roofs

At Good Guys Roofing, we offer specialized solutions for both leaky and damaged roofs. If the leaks are due to damaged flashing, we perform proper reflashing in the affected areas. In cases where leaks result from improperly placed nails on the shingles, we carefully remove the nails and seal the exact location. For leaks caused by pipe boot failure, our solution involves the installation of a collar over the pipe boot. In situations where the roof is damaged, whether it’s a curled, cracked, or fallen tile or shingle, we replace it with a new tile or shingle to prevent further damage. Our awareness of various roofing issues allows us to provide customized and exact solutions for each problem.

Residential Roof Repair Cost in Defiance

At Good Guys Roofing, we recognize that storms and roof repairs are frequent occurrences in Defiance, Ohio. Therefore, we maintain affordable costs without compromising quality. Our residential roof repair costs in Defiance start at just $349, inclusive of materials. For gutter installation, our pricing begins at $600. Additionally, if the roof damage is a result of thunderstorms, hailstorms, or heavy winds, insurance coverage may be eligible.

How Good Guy Roofing Works?

At Good Guys Roofing LLC, we are a reliable, locally-owned business. Our dedicated team, with highly trained in-house crew members, ensures that projects are completed efficiently without the need for subcontractors. With a commitment to quality, most of our projects are completed within a single day, and our owner is actively involved in overseeing operations.

We give importance to attention to detail in all our projects, adding significant value. Transparent communication with homeowners is a crucial aspect of our approach, ensuring that they are informed at every step of the project. As one of the top roofing companies in Ohio, our focus is on saving time and money while ensuring a seamless experience. Our detailed and accurate quotes reflect our transparency.

Focussing on the importance of ventilation and insulation, we contribute to the long life of roofs. Also, compliance with all legal regulations and guidelines is a fundamental part of our operations as one of the licensed residential roofing repair contractors in Defiance.

Client Reviews

I’m pleased with the repair services of Good Guys Roofing. They were prompt and professional. The owner was knowledgeable. It was a nice experience from start to finish.
Emily Anderson - Good Guys Roofing
Emily Anderson
Very good service done at reasonable pricing. The team was professional and respectful. It was a hassle-free process for us
Shelby Grant - Good Guys Roofing
Shelby Grant
We thought we needed a roof replacement but they guaranteed us only a roof repair is enough and we are happy with our strong roof now
Jake Simmons - Good Guys Roofing
Jake Simmons


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